Tooth Chin Surgery

Tooth Chin SurgeryOral surgery is usually addressed when the soft tissues such as the gum, tongue, saliva gland or cheeks are involved. When a pathological formation is the case, dentists usually tend to prefer different types of oral surgery treatments. Jaw problems may affect all of the basic humanly functions, including talking, chewing and breathing. In addition to the impairment of these fundamental physical functions, jaw and teeth issues also tend to severely impact the quality of life and lead to other more serious dental problems. In order to get rid of soft tissue problems affecting your dental health, it is important to consult a specialist that will determine the right treatment from various oral surgery options.

When Is Teeth & Oral Surgery Required?

Also known as teeth, oral or jaw treatment/surgery and procedures may fix a number of problems. If you suspect that you have any of the following symptoms or dental problems, jaw treatments may be the right options for you:

* Teeth that will not respond to regular orthodontic treatment
* Severely damaged or injured teeth
* Impacted wisdom teeth
* Non-localized jaw/face pain
* Pathologic diagnosis of masses inside the mouth
* “Gummy smile” problems
* Dental cysts
* Sinus lifting

What Are The Most Common Oral Surgery Options?

Impacted Tooth Extraction: Impacted tooth extraction is usually done when the person has a tooth that does not break through the gum on its own. Causes of impacted tooth usually vary, the most common causes being genetics and overcrowding in the mouth. Impacted tooth extractions are mostly done on wisdom teeth, however it is possible for other types of teeth to be impacted as well.

Tooth extraction: Regular tooth extraction is also another treatment option considered in teeth and chin treatment alternatives. There are various reasons why a tooth may be in need of extraction, including overcrowding of the mouth, severe tooth decay or serious gum diseases affecting the bone and root tissues.

Pathologic surgery: Sometimes people may develop tumors or cancerous masses along the gum area, which over time start to affect the overall health of the mouth and threaten one’s well-being. Specific jaw surgery may be required in order to extract the mass and continue with the required treatment plan.

Discussing Your Jaw Surgery Options

To learn more about jaw treatment procedures and to find out if you are a suitable candidate, contact our Istanbul office at Zekeriyaköy and schedule a consultation to meet our surgeons.

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