Gum Treatment – Periodontology

Gum Treatment - PeriodontologyPeriodontology specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gum diseases. Gum diseases are also known as periodontal diseases, which are the leading cause of tooth loss. Left untreated, gum disease can lead to more severe health problems such as heart issues.

What Are The Causes of Gum Disease?

Periodontal diseases may be caused by a number of factors, however the most common causes are:

* Tobacco use
* Obesity
* Age
* Genetics
* Lack of proper nutrition
* Stress
* Systematic oral diseases such as grinding of teeth
* Certain medication

What Are The Types of Periodontic Diseases?

The starting point of all periodontic issues is gingivitis, which is known as the mildest point of gum disease. When gingivitis is unproperly treated or left untreated completely, it most likely transforms into more serious gum problems such as periodontitis.

Gum disease escalates quite quickly and aggressively, leaving the patient unaware of the damage it has done to the teeth and the gum line. Advanced periodontitis, chronic periodontitis, systematic periodontitis and necrotizing periodontal diseases are the following stages of gingivitis. All of these conditions may cause other risky health factors such as diabetes, respiratory problems and chronic heart issues.

What Are The Symptoms of Periodontal Diseases?

The most common symptoms of gum disease are:

* Bad breath that does not go away
* Red, swollen gums
* Tender and bleeding gums
* Painful chewing
* Sensitivity in teeth
* Loose teeth
* Receding gums
* Teeth that appear longer than they actually are
* Visible roots

If you experience one or more of these symptoms on a daily basis for a certain period of time, it might be time for you to visit your dentist and check to see if you might be in the early stages of gingivitis or any other gum disease.

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